STTC Family Rate

February 15, 2007


Starting March 2007, the club will offer Family Group Coaching Rate for those interested. For family of three; $220, four: $280 five $320. The coaching and fee structure is the same as Adult and Junior Group Coaching; a flat monthly fee on retainer basis, Saturdays and Sundays, when the club is open. All fees are due on first weekend of each month.


I thought about offering this plan some time ago because there was some interests but decided to hold back on it because, by end of the first year at St. John’s, club membership reached a maximum allowable players without compromising quality and individual attention, and based my primary guiding principle why I started the club in 1988; a program for kids. There is lot of reason why I feel this (Junior) program is important but I won’t get into it here. I also accept certain number of adult students because I need their support not just financially but organizationally.


Right now, there is room for more players but this will change as new players join our program and reach a saturation point. For us, we lose players (Juniors) primarily due to them going off to college with new set of priorities, as it should be, and new players take their spaces. We currently have about 20 regulars; my ideal number is about 30.