Sunset Table Tennis Club

Summer Camp, June 18-22, 2007

Fee: $250

Contact: Masaaki Tajima, 415 566-0127



This is a brief day by day schedule, subject to change. Actual day to day activity is very comprehensive with lot of information to absorb so be prepared for a long day. All signed-up players will get a detailed daily schedule. If you have not been playing regularly and not in good physical condition, I suggest you start now to prepare for the camp. Donít forget to have a healthy breakfast each day so you will have enough energy. Bring your own lunch, snacks and lot of liquids.


We will have a photo session on the first day so if you are a member of STTC, wear your club shirt. If you are new, youíll get one free. Participants who are not member of STTC are welcome to stay the weekend following the camp (June 23-24) and continue training in our regular coaching program without charge.


The camp sign-up fills quickly so let me know soon as you can.


Daily Start Time/End Time: 11:00am-5:00pm


Monday, June 18

11:00am: Orientation, division of players, daily warm-up procedures, lecture on fundamentals and sequence of drills leading to match play, group table assignments, evaluation and application of corrective drills.


Tuesday, June 19

11:00am: warm-up procedure. Players to demonstrate all designated shots and work on weaknesses and installing fundamentals.


Wednesday, June 20

11:00am: warm-up procedure. Serve and service return, application of technique and developing style of play. Lecture on tournament preparation.


Thursday, June 21

11:00am: warm-up procedure. Flexibility and adjustability drills. Lecture and discussion on handling fear of losing, attaining independence and match toughness.


Friday, June 22

11:00am: warm-up procedure. More fundamental drills. Camp review, lectures on the need for consistent training behavior, views on aspirations and achieving high level of play. Brazilian Teams.