STTC Sunday Club League

Rules and procedures


Starting Sunday February 25, STTC will have a club league round robin on trial basis for one season. If it is workable, then we’ll continue. The first season will end at last Sunday in April. There will be awards for best won/lost record.


Round robins will be 5-6 man groups. Matches are best 3 of 5. *Two players with best won/lost record will advance to the next higher group and the worst two will be dropped to the next lower group the following week. Defaults will be counted as losses. Player who won the match is responsible for recording the match; no record, no credit.


Initially, USATT ratings will determine seeding, then club league rating (Same computing formula as USATT) will determine future seeding. If you don’t have a rating, you will be given an estimated club rating to start. 


Starting time is 3:30. **Walk-in or drop-in players are welcome. You can also call in to sign up before 3:00 at 415 235-5560. Once the draw is made, no more players will be entered.


Our usual club hours have been 12:30-5:30 on Sundays; club training will stop at 3:00 for the league and closing time extended to 6:00pm. When league matches are over; open play and practice until closing time.


*When higher-level players who did not play in previous week enter, only one player with the best won/lost record is guaranteed to advance and one or two players with the worst won/lost record will be dropped to the next lower group.

**Walk-in fees for non-members: Adults $8, Juniors and Students $6, Members free.


If you have any questions, e-mail me at: