STTC Sunday Club League Award Details

April 2, 2007


The last day of the first season is Sunday, April 29th. Soon after the results are calculated, Iíll announce the first and second place players with the best won/lost record and the most improved player during the league. The first place award will be $100 worth of Butterfly equipment of choice, $50 for second and award for most improved player is $75.


The winning calculations are based on: first, number of matches won, second, number of matches lost, not by percentage. The reasoning is learning by participation first. As an example, if player A record is 20-8, player B is 20-10 and player B is 18-2, A is first and B is second. If there is a tie, they will share the combined first and second place award.


The league seems to be productive as I see real competitiveness surface and fun for others so we will continue for next season. I will also try to get sponsors to increase the awards for next season. If you have any ideas, let me know.