Report: Parental wrath kills budding paddler

Prema Rajaram

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 (Kolkata):

A 14-year old budding table tennis player has died in Kolkata after his father hit him for not being able to perform upto his expectations.

His mother is in a state of shock and has lodged a police complaint against her husband.

The teenager, Biswadeep Bhattarcharya was practicing table tennis at home under his father's eagle eye on Monday. A couple of poor strokes, a couple of misses and father Deepak completely lost his temper and thrashed Biswadeep till the boy fell down and died.

"My daughter came and told me that something was wrong. I rushed upstairs and saw my son lying there struggling. I tried to talk to my son, but he was unable to talk. His father killed him a long long time ago," said Papia Bhattacharya, Biswadeep's mother.

The boy's sister Neha added that their father did not take Biswadeep to the hospital.

"The neighbours told my father to take him to the hospital. But my father said there was no need and that he would be ok soon. But we could not feel his pulse, his hands and feet were cold," she said.

This was not the first time Biswadeep, a student of class nine, had been beaten up by his father. In fact, he had once even run away from home because of the abuse. The latest trigger for his father's rage was a recent tournament at Siliguri where Biswadeep had lost.

"Recently I heard that Biswadeep had gone to Siliguri for a tournament and did not win. And in fear he ran away to Patna. His father found out where he was and brought him back," said Animesh Saha, a neighbour.

Another neighbour Arun Kumar Kaul said, "His father would not listen to anyone, and his word was final. His main problem was his son not being able to be a champion."

The boy's mother has filed a case against her husband who is currently in police custody. He is likely to be formally arrested soon for culpable homicide not amounting to murder.